Komichi Kindergarten is located in Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City. In educating the children in our care, we place paramount importance on nurturing a sense of autonomy and identity through freedom of activity in a comparatively commodious schoolhouse enhanced by a large playground. Our intention is to create a kindergarten that is both safe and educational.


At Komichi Kindergarten we understand the value of play. We appreciate that it is through play that children develop their physical abilities, linguistic competence, and awareness of their surroundings. It is also through play that children nurture a good relationship with their classmates and teachers. It helps them gain skills in working in groups and as a class. Educational play promotes curiosity; the basis for their desire to learn and experiment. At Komichi Kindergarten, we endeavor to prepare the children in skills and confidence for success in school.


In addition to the wide range of facilities that take full advantage of our expansive playground, we are also noted for the crops we grow and harvest, and the small animals, such as rabbits and carp, reared on our grounds. Urban children always find it an amazing experience to work with the soil and have contact with animals, and we believe that this provides the children with a rich experience.


Pre-kindergarten children and their families are welcome to visit us on any of our Open Days which include playtime activities and lunch. We look forward to your visit and participation. Ultimately, as a neighborhood kindergarten, we constantly strive to meet the requirements of the local community by responding to the needs of parents and guardians in a proactive manner, such as the implementation of gtrustworthy childcareh and the operation of a school bus for outlying areas.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in Japanese or English if you have any enquiries related to entry or questions about Komichi Kindergarten. 


Email: you@osaka-seikei.ac.jp

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